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Hi! Welcome to the

PDX Pet Connection Podcast!

A resource for Portlanders who love their pets

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The PDX Pet Connection is about creating a community for Portland pet lovers to connect with each other as well as pet businesses and nonprofits in the area.


Dog lovers know that Portland is known as a dog-friendly city. From our 100’s of hiking trails, beautiful beaches nearby, and dog-friendly venues. Here you can take your dog to the coast for some fun, grab lunch at one of the dog-friendly restaurant patios and stop for a wine tasting on the way home, all in one day. There’s really no need to leave your dog at home.

But Portland is not just a dog city. It is a city for pets of all kinds.


Portland has lots of businesses, big and small, that cater to your pets needs and even more important, we have many wonderful non-profit organizations that help pets and their people that are in need. The PDX Pet Connection podcast is a resource for Portland pet parents to learn about all of the amazing pet businesses in the area and get more information on nonprofits, from rescues to veterinary assistance. The icing on the bone is tips on how and where you can enjoy time with your furry best friend and help them live their best life.



Now that you are familiar with what this podcast is going to be about. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am mom to a crazy corgi named Lucas. I have been a corgi mom for over 23 years and my husband and I are very active in the corgi community. I’m pretty sure corgis are my spirit dog. I love their intelligence and sass, plus being an outdoor enthusiast and landscape/dog photographer, I need a dog that can keep up on long hikes and pose for photos.  I am the owner of Kim Hoshal Photography where I specialize in outdoor dog photography and another business, Butthead Bandanaz, which is a company that makes over-the-collar bandanas for active dogs. While running these two businesses, I am also crazy enough to be in dog training school. In addition, I’m a member of the PDX Women’s Pet Collective. A group of women-owned pet businesses, many of which will be highlighted on this podcast. The group acts as a mentor program, support system and sounding board for women in the pet industry. 



Do you have suggestions for future guests?

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