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PDX Pet Connection Holiday Gift Guide - Lucas' Favorites Edition

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

A curated gift guide for dogs and the people that love them

Happy Holidays from PDX Pet Connection! It's Kim, creator, and host of the podcast. The podcast supports local and small businesses and I feel this is important now more than ever before. Below you will find some local items that will make your dog's holiday.

This year's list is honoring the memory of our sweet boy, Lucas who recently passed away. He was bigger than life and brought joy to everyone who knew him. He was not only my fur son, but my co-host, bandana model and photo location scout. My businesses exist because of his inspiration. So to remember him, I gathered a list of some of his favorite local items that I thought your dog might enjoy too.

Each item is listed with the following information:

What the item is.

Who made/sells the item.

Why I selected this item.

Where you can purchase the item.

How much you can expect to spend.

Quick note: Please keep in mind shipping times when ordering.

Ready to spoil your dog?

Let the shopping begin!


Portland Pet Food Company, Gingerbread Biscuits, Gluten free, Human-grade dog treats
Gingerbread Biscuits

What: Gingerbread Biscuits

Who: Portland Pet Food Company- Portland, OR

Why: These biscuits are Lucas's favorite Christmas treat. They smell like gingerbread cookies just like us humans eat. Okay, so my husband may have tried one. That's fine though because they are made of human-grade ingredients. Lucas and Bill even did a video of them sharing these yummy snacks.


How much: $10.99

Holiday Pupcakes

What: Holiday Pupcakes

Who: Sugah's Cookies and Cakes-Gresham, OR

Why: These pupcakes are made of human-grade and organic ingredients. Plus they come in a variety of delicious flavors like peanut butter, chicken, and sweet potato/salmon. Lucas has taste-tested all of them and he gives them two paws up. He had a six-pack of them for his 11th birthday and they looked like Chuck-it Balls which were one of his favorite toys. Where:

How Much: $10/4 pack or $30/dozen

Freeze Dried Raw Treats

What: Freeze-Dried Raw Treats

Who: Northwest Naturals-Portland, OR

Why: These treats are single-ingredient, grain-free, and gluten-free. That makes them the perfect treat for dogs with dietary issues or dogs that just love treats. They are also easy to chew which makes them good for dogs with sensitive teeth. Lucas tried almost all of the flavors and had a hard time picking a favorite.

Where: Your local pet supply store

How Much: $24

Dog Accessories

dog bed, cycle dog, cute puppy, dog accessories, pet supplies
Waterproof Barrier Nestle Dog Bed

What: Waterproof Barrier Nestle Dog Bed

Who: Cycle Dog-Portland, OR

Why: This bed has 3 waterproof layers and a waterproof coating. The filling is made from recycled plastic bottles and it has an antibacterial treatment that fights bacteria and smell. This is Lucas's balcony bed and he would lay in it all day if we let him.


How much: $70 to $160

dog accessories, dog clothes, dog bandana, butthead bandanaz
Over-the-collar dog bandana

What: Over-the-collar Dog Bandana

Who: Butthead Bandanaz- Portland, OR

Why: These bandanas fit over your dog's collar so they don't fall off or come untied which makes them perfect for active dogs. They also offer custom fabric design so your dog can have a one-of-a-kind bandana with their photo and you can get a face mask for yourself to match. If you ever met Lucas, you know he never went anywhere without a bandana. He would even pick out which one he wanted to wear.


How much: $14 to $16

Dog Toys

cycle dog, recycled, dog toy, treat hider, dog treats
3-Play Turtle

What: 3-Play Turtle

Who: Cycle Dog- Portland, OR

Why: This toy is made of Ecolast Post-Consumer Recycled Material so it is good for the environment. It is also three times the fun with a Busy Belly Treat Hider, ToughSqueak Internal Squeaker and it floats! Lucas and his friends just can't get enough of these.

Where: turtle/

How much: $10-$15

dog toy, doodlebug duds, fleece tug, tug toy, tennis toy
Quad Ball Tug

What: Quad Ball Tug

Who: Doodlebug Dud's- Beaverton, OR

Why: This toy tugs in two ways so it fun for you and your dog especially if your dog likes to play rough. Lucas loves tug and tennis balls so he goes crazy when he sees that someone has taken this toy out to play.


How much: $10

snuffle mat, dog treats, dog games, dog toy, 3dogenterprises, dog food
Nose-n-Nibble Premium Snuffle Mat

What: Nose-n-Nibble Premium Snuffle Mat

Who: 3DogEnterprises- Portland, OR

Why: Snuffle mats are not just fun for dogs, it also engages their brain. They are a great distraction activity to redirect unwanted behavior too. Lucas begins drooling before his snuffle mat even touches the floor.

Where: name&listing_id=690527454

How much: $43

Services and Experiences

What: Package of 5 massages

Who: Revive Animal Massage-Portland, OR

Why: Massage is therapeutic for dogs of all ages and sizes. It can help with injuries, disabilities, and geriatric pets. Why not spoil your dog or help them live a better life with less pain. Whitney did massage for Lucas to keep his muscles working the best they could when he was diagnosed with DM. She is extremely knowledgeable and loving. Lucas loved her shoulder massages.


How: $70 or a package for $325 plus travel fees

What: Laser Therapy Sessions

Who: Urban Animal Pet Services-Portland, OR

Why: Urban Animal Pet Services provides a non-invasive, pain-free, surgery-free, drug-free alternative way to relieve your pet’s aches and pains. Give your dog a little pep in their step when they are feeling better after laser therapy. Alese was Lucas' laser therapist. She always worked at his pace which could be challenging because he didn't like to stand still. She knows her stuff and really helped to keep Lucas moving. Plus she fussed on him so he liked that.


How Much: $45/single session - $360/ 12


What: Apolloni's Canine Club

Who: Apolloni Vineyards-Forest Grove, OR

Why: You love wine, your dog loves being with you so why not combine the two. Your dog can become a member of their own club. They receive their own club card, their photo on the wall, and a specially designed toy from Cycle Dog. Your dog will also get discounts on a barkuterie board that has all their favorite goodies. Lucas was one of the first members and loved to bring his friend, Buddy to share a barkuterie board.


How: $10

Memorial Gifts

Rainbow Bridge Hearts

What: Pet Memorial

Who: Rainbow Bridge Hearts-Seattle, WA

Why: They incorporate some of your pet's ashes in their beautifully created glass art . There are orbs, hearts, starfish, and pendants available with your choice of colors for a one-of-a-kind remembrance. We had them create a starfish in blue, green and amber for Lucas since he loved the beach. Our first corgi, Max has a purple and

blue heart. They are a touching way to remember

our boys.


How Much: Starting at $185 for the memorial with add-ons like stands and lighted bases

(gift certificates are available too)

I hope this gave you some fun local ways to make your dog's holiday the best ever.

Thanks for listening. Season 3 has just begun and there are some really interesting guests on the list already. As always, if you have a business, non-profit or topic that you would like discussed on the show, don't hesitate to let me know. Until next time, give your pet a big hug and a kiss for me.

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